The importance of categorizing and tagging your Toluna content

Categorizing and tagging your polls and opinion topics is an important part of the content creation process; we’d like to offer some tips and advice and stress the importance of properly categorizing and tagging your Toluna content:

  1. Try to be as precise as possible when selecting a category and sub-category. This will allow other members to find your content with greater ease, and will ensure that your content has a higher response rate. Another important thing to remember is that content that has not been properly categorized is subject to deletion for the exact same reason; improperly categorized content may have a negative effect on search results and may show up in the wrong places when other members browse content by categories.
  2. While tagging isn’t a mandatory step, it is highly recommended you add a few tags to each poll or opinion topic you create. Tags are much more flexible and precise than categories; for example, if you’re writing a review about the last movie you’ve seen, you can enter the film’s name as a tag and not limit yourself to simply categorizing it as Films & Cinema / Science Fiction (for example). Once again, this can have a major positive impact on how many members will find and respond to your content.
  3. When in doubt, use the “Other” category. If you’ve created a poll or opinion topic that does not accurately fit any of the categories, simply use the “Other” category. In such cases it is even more important that you enter as many tags as possible in order to make it easier for other members to find your content. Please note that each category contains an “Other” sub-category; so if you’re writing a review of a movie you recently saw but cannot find the exact genre for it, simply categorize it as Films & Cinema / Other. And did we mention the importance of using tags yet…?

See you on the site,

The Toluna Team